Small talk

It’s always nice when small talk leads to some interesting insight into a person’s life or thought.  This is perhaps especially true when you only encounter the person for a short time, since you don’t have other information to bias or cloud your judgment.  On my way home from watching the latest Batman, I was doing the usual chit-chat with the taxi driver.  He told me he’s recently started listening to the words that people say in songs, instead of just the tune.  He likes following the words because, if you listen closely, they tell you about what people are thinking and what matters to them.  He especially enjoys country music.

We were earlier discussing the weather, how it’s much nicer in the night than in the day, and how both of us hadn’t fully experienced snow before moving to America.  He told me that in his childhood in Nigeria, it hailed once.  He had never seen anything like it, and has never seen anything like it since.  The hail felt like it was either some kind of joke or some kind of miracle.  His sister told him that it’s been hailing frequently in his hometown in recent years.  It might be due to climate change, but neither of us could say for sure.

He said that he if he ever wrote a song, it would be about that time it hailed.  Then I reached home.  I enjoyed learning about something significant in this guy’s life.